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IMG_3597.JPGYouthCentrale gives young people opportunities to awaken their inner and outer potentials while fulfilling their hopes and dreams in a creative environment, helping each other to advance in life.

In this interactive group, YouthCentrale helps set the stage for individuals to study the creative arts as well as study meditation in pursuing wellness. Community happenings encourage creativity through positive action. They base this on the results they want to achieve themselves. This is done through the Six Ways in Action and the Ten Kinds of Goodness.

After gaining experience in our program, young people can become Youth Ambassadors (YAs). Both participants and ambassadors show their understanding through  interactions with others and in their service to the world. Selected YAs give peer support to participants while being supervised by YouthCentrale program leaders.


younthcentral1.jpgSix Ways in Action

Give what you want
Avoid hurting people
Stay cool & peaceful
Have fun doing good
Meditate everyday
Seek Knowledge

Ten Kinds of Goodness

Care with equanimity
Protect belongings of others
Respect people's relationships
Tell the truth
Communicate harmoniously
Spread kindful words
Chat meaningfully
Wish success for all
Have empathy
Learn what really works

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Meditation Speaks


Meditation Speaks


Turning Away from Harming Others


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