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dedicATE.JPG Dedicate A Day (DAD) is a project of action.

Each day of action is committed to the principle HelpPeople HelpPeople. The kindnesses we do in everyday actions make a difference in people's lives, and our volunteers intentionally recognize these activities, which helps us to act even more effectively, bringing greater benefits. We also celebrate these simple actions, helping us to be happy about doing them, and to do more of them!

Join us in this venture...

We have continuous educational seminars that help our volunteers to perform at a high level and work in harmony with others. We also offer guidance and evaluation to strengthen the partnership between the staff and volunteers of any organizations we partner with. We encourage everyone in our network to join us for seminars on the principles that LHI abides by in business and ethics management and a lifestyle that promotes health and happiness.

Volunteers actively help others in ways that relate to the kind of goal they are also striving to achieve. Volunteer participants are given qualified supervision and continuous evaluations during their active enrollment in the program to review competency.


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