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 lhistarter.png About Us


Limitless Health Institute is a 501c3 not-for-profit educational and caring organization providing knowledge that cultivates greater health of body and mind. Founded in 1997, LHI is devoted to offering programs that inform clients about time-tested ancient methods and innovative contemporary practices for achieving complete wellness. We provide clients with resources and opportunities to create a world of health through the combination of the two elements of giving care and receiving care.


Team Members

Board of Directors





Judith Ginzberg, Chairperson, is passionate about working with marginalized people and those in need, brings extraordinary energy to engage and empower them, and cares deeply about building community and activating the creative process to promote growth, healing, and harmony. In her work, she strives to bring comfort to body, mind, and spirit.




Aurin Squire, Board Member, started a list of fellowship opportunities for playwrights; the list is now a featured resource at two NYC colleges and the Dramatists Guild of America, and helps thousands of artists secure jobs and win grants. After doing a meditation retreat in Nicaragua he began to dedicate himself toward greater acts of kindness.




Elizabeth Shurman, Board Member, loves witnessing others helping others! The joy of serving two small children at home inspires her to make intentional daily choices to keep the mind and heart healthy reflecting on the common goals of living beings. As a master social worker, she helps friends and strangers discover their best, highest functioning self.





Officers of Corporation





Lobsang Chunzom, Founder and Chief Director, considers everyone to be completely equal in wanting happiness and not wanting unhappiness. This view is integrated into every service that LHI offers along with the foundation of knowledge that teaches why caring about others as much as we cherish ourselves will help everyone to get what they want.




Paul Rizzo, Deputy Director, enjoys seeing others happy. The knowledge of health he embodies helps everyone access proper nutritional support easily. He maintains a positive viewpoint that health education plays an important role in the quality of one's life, and knows it will help to reduce future populations of prisons and eradicate many crimes.




David Siegel, Treasurer / Secretary, embraces the challenges of teaching youth in urban neighborhoods, and takes joy in empowering them to see themselves as people who matter and who can make a difference in the world. He loves seeing students grow academically, and seeing them use their minds and hearts fully.










C. D. Johnson, Communications Administrator, believes in the personal motto: Logic first in all things. Logic is the method by which the mind in its process brings its convictions closer to the facts of reality and further away from bias.




Alvaro Gonzalez, Multimedia Production Specialist, travels the world hopping from zoo to zoo, documenting cultures and structures, places and spaces. He weaves a connection, bridging the distance between self and others.




Kevin Haining, Marketing Consultant, takes action with great experience! Integrating Direct Response Marketing strategies with skillful means, he inspires organizations to promote each other. He brings people together in any environment, especially as a percussionist with local singer-songwriters on their musical visions.



We envision a world where everyone realizes that their own health and happiness depends on taking care of the health and happiness of others.

Four Steps to Achieve Our Dream Vision

1 finding.jpg

Embodying our dream vision to gather more knowledge and consider new methods to constantly broaden the landscape of resources available to our clients, staff, and community to achieve their dream of health and happiness.



2 embodying.jpg

Meeting together with compassionate partner organizations to exchange ideas that inspire creative events of kindness, explore new approaches in giving care, and opening doors to knowledge that brings about health and happiness.



3 being.jpg

Being ready to set in motion customized caring services, have fun helping people reach happiness, and provide resources that give the support they need to achieve their goals.



4 celebrating.jpg

Celebrating the success of our intention to help people help people, taking delight in all activities performed with loving concern for the well-being of others, and most of all, rejoicing in all the goodness we have done in thought and action.


Best Practices


Stop Doing Things That Don't Work:

The chance for success will be 100%, if you help others succeed too! Know why things work, and there will be no failure.




Find the Cause of the Causes:

Everything we do is recorded in the mind, which then becomes a seed, or cause, for a flower to blossom into the next event that happens. Imagine what you want and design it to happen.




Identify Project Partners:

The echo effect of helping co-workers, customers, other organizations, and the community to achieve success - what goes around comes around - resounds in successful projects.




Start from Yourself:

Initiate collaboration, and break through the boundaries of competition while working for the success of everyone. Take care of the total wellbeing of self and others equally; move, sing, nourish, and play.




Stop Making Decisions:

When there is uncertainty, we turn to decisions to do this or that. Give up the list, and follow the plan that benefits most. Find others who need to make a decision, and help them first.




Load Your Stapler:

Every action is taken with the principle of collaboration, and considering the ways the organization can do just one act of kindness a day that will help a project partner organization.




Ride your challenges over the top:

While doing good things, negative seeds from previous events pop at times, causing problems. To change challenges into advantages, find the cause of the cause. Help others overcome challenges.





After each success, celebrate and re-invest the success that guided LHI every step of the way. Celebrate with gratitude to the people that use this system of Best Practices* for success.



*Karmic Management 2009, G.M. Roach


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